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2017 Stewardship Report

This stewardship report contains 3 parts:

  1. 2016 Stewardship Mission Wrap-up
  2. 2017 Stewardship Mission Pledge Analysis
  3. Trends in Pledging over 5 years

Note:  The report is password protected.  The password is in the February Network or call the Office at (401) 635-2452

2016 Stewardship Mission Wrap-up

Pledge receipts exceeded the amount pledged by $7,672 due to the 25 families that gave $14,662 more than they pledged.  The additional receipts were offset by $6,990 of pledges that were not received.  The majority of that was due to health and moving reasons.  It should be noted that, even with the additional receipts, we fell short of of the pledge goal by about $12,000.


2017 Stewardship Mission Pledge Analysis

We exceeded our pledge budget by $4,000!  Thanks to everyone for their generosity!  Special thanks to the 5 families that pledged for the first time and to the 25 families that increased their pledges over last year's amount.  These families increased their pledges, on average, over 25%.  That is a strong statement of confidence in St. Andrew's future.  We did have an unusually large number of lost pledges, but again, the major reasons were ill health and moving away.


Trends in Pledging over 5 Years

This chart shows the distribution of the pledges for 2011, 2016 and 2017.  The year 2011 was selected as the pledge amount was the same as for 2017 and similar to 2016.  The number of pledges in 2011 was also about the same as had been the case for several years prior to 2011.  We have lost about 25% of our pledges since 2011.  There are several reasons for this loss, by far, the most important being parishioners that passed away or moved from the area. We have had 14 parishioners that passed away and 9 who moved.  Many of these parishioners were very generous supporters.  We have also lost 7 pledges due to current ill health and 6 others that have left the church (or no longer pledge) due to various reasons.  The other observation form the chart is that the number of very generous supporters has increased significantly since 2011.  The average pledge has also increased considerably since 2011.

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