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The Vestry is the elected governing body of the Parish, and assists the clergy and staff in carrying out the mission and vision of St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea. As a whole the Vestry:


Helps to define the mission and direction for St. Andrew's by-the-Sea;


Articulates and communicates that mission and direction;


Holds our parish community accountable for the realization of the mission and direction;


Keeps the mission and direction of the parish clearly before the parish       community.

The Vestry is headed by the Rector and the lay management team, including the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Clerk. The Vestry is currently composed of 10 members, each serving for 3 years. Members of the Vestry also provide active guidance and support of the overall life of the parish.  The Vestry meets regularly on the second Sunday of each month after the service.  Parishioners are encouraged to discuss concerns, questions and ideas with any member of the Vestry.


A Nominating Committee consisting of the Rector and the retiring members of the Vestry puts forth a slate of names for Vestry positions in advance of the parish’s Annual Meeting which is held in August of each year.  The members of the Vestry are elected at that meeting. Vestry members must be communicants of St. Andrew's by-the-Sea and at least 18 years of age.


Although the Treasurer and Clerk always attend Vestry meetings and are active participants, they do not have a vote in Vestry deliberations.

Lora MacFall

Sr. Warden

Fred Buhrendorf


Spinner Findlay

Jr. Warden

Kit Barnum


Vestry Members


Class of 2019 (Serves until 12/31/2019)

George Crowell

Lora MacFall

John McJennett


Class of 2020 (Serves until 12/31/2020)

Jason Anderson

Craig Curtis

Spinner Findlay


Class of 2021 (Serves until 12/31/2021)

Elaine Bristol

Barbara Jansen

Beth Maxted


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