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1914 Society

Throughout our lifetime at St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea, each of us has offered gifts – of time, talent, and treasure – to build and sustain the mission and ministry of this parish. Now we have the opportunity to continue this stewardship beyond our years through planned giving and membership in The 1914 Society.


The 1914 Society was named to honor St. Andrew’s legacy that began almost 100 years ago as a mission church at Sakonnet Point that supported the local fisherman and farmers.  The 1914 Society has been established to honor those who have looked beyond this life to make a commitment to St. Andrew’s future. You can join over 25 parishioners and become a member by including St. Andrew’s in your estate plans. The greatest reward comes from knowing that you are supporting the mission and ministry of St. Andrew’s into the future with a lasting gift.

We invite you to join with others whose generosity will be the cornerstone of the St. Andrew’s 1914 Fund. The 1914 Fund will receive, invest, and administer bequests and other charitable planned gifts to the parish. Income from the 1914 Fund will be used to enable the parish to more completely fulfill its mission beyond what is possible through our annual stewardship drive.

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There are many ways in which planned giving may be achieved as many of us are aware from the multitude of solicitations we receive in the mail from a variety of fine institutions.  Perhaps the most profound way to ensure the legacy of your generous gift is through a bequest.  By including St. Andrew’s in your will, you will help to sustain our work, our mission and our programs for future generations.  There are several ways to include St. Andrew’s in your will.  You may leave a specific dollar amount or a particular asset; you may specify a set percentage of your estate; or you may leave the remainder of your estate after providing for your heirs.  All options may help to reduce your estate tax liability.

 St. Andrew’s can be made a beneficiary of an existing will very easily by the addition of a simple form called a codicil. This is a very inexpensive process and easy to accomplish for most people. Even for individuals with more complicated estate plans, adding St. Andrew’s as an additional beneficiary for a designated amount or percentage should normally be neither expensive nor time consuming. If you do not have a will, it is recommended you do so, and including St. Andrew’s with a gift can be a generous gesture as part of that process.

 If you are interested in participating in The 1914 Society, it is recommended that you contact the Rector’s office or The 1914 Society Chair. While it is important that you review your decision with your professional advisors, the Chair will be happy to assist in providing information and help to complete the process.

Planned giving is a wonderful way to play a part in the long term success and growth of St. Andrew’s, and to help assure that its blessings will be shared with generations to come.



For more information, contact:


The Rev. Norman macLeod

401 635-2452



The 1914 Society Chair:

Doug MacFall

401 635-4878


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