Worship at St. Andrew’s is conducted according to the rites and ceremonies of the Episcopal Church, as found in the Book of Common Prayer and other published resources.  We combine a love of our rich Episcopal heritage and tradition with flexibility and openness to the movement of the Spirit of God.

Our Sunday services are celebrations of the Lord’s Supper, with a sharing of bread and wine in the Holy Communion.  They also feature readings from the Bible, always including a passage from one of the four Gospels that tell the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth.  The priest delivers a sermon that relates the message of the Bible to the circumstances of everyday life, and the people present offer their prayers for the Church and the world.  About once a month, our volunteer choir offers their vocal gifts for the glory of God.  All of this takes place in a beautiful church setting that is cherished and celebrated for its warmth and simplicity.

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