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St. Andrew's by-the-Sea

Celebrates it's 100th anniversary!

August 24, 1914 - August 24, 2014

St. Andrew's by-the-Sea celebrated the 100th anniversary of its founding on August 23, 2014.  Over the course of the evening, almost 200 people came to witness the event that included a poster board review of the 100 years of church history, the dedication of the Parish Hall in honor of the Reverend Hébert Bolles, refreshments and music.  Bishop Nicholas Knisely and Congressman David Cicillini attended. The weather was perfect, cool and dry, the food was wonderful and the everyone had a great time!


On St. Bartholomew's Day (Sunday, August 24th), the actual 100th anniversary of the first service in the original chapel on Sakonnet Point, Bishop Nicholas Knisely conducted his visitation to St. Andrew's.

Picture 3_24.jpg

100th Aniversary opening remarks and Parish Hall dedication by the Rev. Peter Tierney, Bishop Nicholas Knisely, Earl Samson and George Kilborn.

Hebert's Place.jpg

Bambi Bolles at the entrance to Hébert's Place


Bambi Bolles with grandson looks at Hébert's poster


Bambi Bolles & Bishop Knisely with daughter Anne Bolles-Beaven in background

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