Rector Search Information

Clergy Transition Report
May 16, 2022

The Rev. Dr. Canon Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew, the diocesan staff member responsible for leading parishes through the process of finding a new priest, has posted the St. Andrew’s Parish Profile on the website for the wider Episcopal Church.  This means that those priests now searching for a new position can get detailed information about us and be able to contact Canon Dena if they are interested in applying.  Canon Dena will screen applicants and forward names to the Search Committee, led by Scott Burns.

Canon Dena attended a conference earlier this spring where she met with representatives from other dioceses to share information about parishes seeking new priests and about priests seeking new positions. 

The Search committee, chaired by Scott Burns, met on May 6th to hold a practice interview.  The Rev. Virginia Army, a priest recently retired to Little Compton, agreed to be our interviewee.  During and after the interview she made very helpful suggestions to the committee. 

The committee has identified potential candidates and the interview process will begin at the end of the month by Zoom. The candidates have been screened and interviewed by Canon Dena Cleaver-Bartholomew of the diocesan staff.  She is very enthusiastic about the possibilities of the candidates. 


The interview questions are based on the Parish Profile.  There will be a meeting after the interview to discuss the candidate and whether the committee would call for a second Zoom interview.  To respect the delicate position of clergy candidates in relation to the congregations they currently serve, the Search Committee will maintain strict confidentiality regarding the identity of applicants for Rector of St. Andrew’s.