Rector Search        Information

Timeline of New Rector Search Process, 2021-2022

                      (subject to change & weekly updating)

October 31 – Commissioning of committee members at Sunday service following Peace.


November 2 @ 11 am – Prayer Comm. initial meeting.


November 4 @ 11 am – Communication Comm. initial meeting.


November 11 @ 11- Monthly Vestry meeting (one week earlier than usual).


November 14 @ 11 am – Canon Dena meeting after Sunday service with small parish groups to address 12 questions.


November 16 @ 11 am – Vestry meeting with Canon Dena to address parameters of search: Rector v. Priest-in Charge; full v. part time rector;                     budget.


November 18 @ 11 am – Profile Comm. begins to meet, initially with Canon Dena.


November 30 – Optional survey by Profile Comm. to elicit additional information for profile.


  ?– Search Comm. begins to meet, initially with Canon Dena, to choose chair & corresponding secretary, to set meeting                       schedule and              to discuss interview questions for 1st & 2nd round of interviews.


December 16 @ 11- Monthly Vestry meeting.

January 4 – Communication Comm. completes revisions to Parish website (capacity for mobile devices is available).


January 20 @ 11 am – Monthly Vestry meeting - to comment on or approve profile.


January 26 - Annual Report distributed to parish.


January 31 – Canon Dena posting of profile.


February 6 @ 11 am - Annual meeting.


March 28 – Closing of applications (eight weeks after posting of profile).


April 28 – Search Comm. completion of 1st round of interviews and meeting to decide on finalists.


May 3 – Transition Comm. initial meeting.


May 26 – Search Comm. completion of 2nd round of interviews (Vestry may join interviews).


May 31 – Search Comm. meeting to discern candidate to recommend. 


June 2 – Vestry meeting to hear Search Comm. recommendation and vote on candidate to call. This meeting likely to be delayed a week or more if           Vestry is excluded from 2nd round interviews and recommended candidate returns for interview with Vestry.  (Bishop must meet candidate              at time of 2nd round interviews or during return for interview with Vestry.)


June 7 – Search Comm. chair extends call to candidate approved by Vestry.


June 14 – Senior Warden and Treasurer negotiate Letter of Agreement with approved candidate. (Bishop must approve Letter before any                              announcement of a call.)